World’s fastest
charcoal starter

World’s fastest
charcoal starter

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What is a Looft Lighter ?


Choose between battery operated

or corded. Looft provides the best

products for the modern griller.

Superheated air

1200 F superheated air lights your charcoal

in seconds and fast forwards the process

so you can start grilling in 5 minutes.

Lights all fuels

A Looft Lighter starts whatever

you load into your grill.

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Why Choose a Looft Lighter ?


Looft Lighter is the fastest way to start and

get your charcoal grill ready for cooking.


Toxic and hazardous chemicals used in

lighter fluid and starter cubes shouldn’t

be in contact with your food.


No flame, no gas, no flamable chemicals.

Looft Lighter utilizes superheated

air to start your charcoal.

Up to 5x faster than
traditional methods

Minutes from start to grill ready


Looft Lighter is the
obvious choice

Like seriously fast. A Looft Lighter hits temperatures of

1200°F and gets your charcoal glowing in 60 seconds.

Looft makes fire easy

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