The Original Electric Firestarter

Start your fire in 60 seconds

What is a Looft Lighter ?

Electric Firestarter

Choose between battery operated or corded. Looft provides the best products for the modern griller.

Superheated air

1200°F superheated air lights your charcoal in seconds and fast forwards the process so you can start grilling in 5 minutes.


Charcoal, briquettes and logs. Looft Lighter gets that perfect glow smoldering in no time.

Fast, Easy, Clean

Electric Firestarter - No gas, no flame

”It’s the only way we know of to heat a barbecue to cooking temperature in under five minutes.”

BBC Science Focus

”Even if it’s Tuesday and you’re in a rush after work, you can still get that amazing flavor in half the time.”

Garden & Gun

“It’s a unique tool made to both spark up your charcoal fire, and do double duty as a bellows”

Digital Trends

”For ignition, we highly recommend skipping the old-school lighter fluid and using a Looft Lighter"

CNN Underscored

Why use and electric charcoal lighter?


Looft Lighter is the fastest way to start and get your charcoal grill ready for cooking.


Point, press the button and light. There is no easier way to start a charcoal grill.


No flame, no gas and no toxic chemicals. Looft Lighter utilizes superheated air to start your charcoal.

Up to 5x faster than traditional methods

Minutes from start to grill ready

Best accessory for your charcoal grills

“I have been using Looft Lighter for almost five years and I can’t imagine lighting my grills any other way. There is no doubt this is the best Accessory for your charcoal grills, thank you Looft!”

The easiest way to start your charcoal grill