Tips & Tricks

How it works

Using a Looft Air Lighter is an easy, quick and convenient way to get your charcoal or fire started. It is important to follow a few easy steps to get the most out of your Air Lighter.

1. Touch the charcoal or wood you are lighting and press the button

2. Pull away the Looft Air Lighter when sparks and glow appear. If the product is kept too long in the fire/glow the protective heat shield can get damaged which is not covered under warranty.

3. Continue towards the same spot for at least 60 seconds

Which Charcoal To Use

There is charcoal and there is charcoal

We recommend to use high quality lump charcoal. This is quite different from the regular charcoal you pick up in your grocery store. The chunks will be bigger, sparks less and a give a more steady cooking temperature.


Briquettes are made from charcoal powder compressed with corn starch making them very dense. If you use briquettes the lighting time might be a bit longer than regular charcoal. The corn starch will also emit smoke when ignited. There are different types of briquettes offering a selection of density. The harder compressed - the longer burn time.

Sustainable Charcoal

In order to lower your environmental impact and avoid supporting companies engaged in deforestation we highly recommend everyone to use high quality charcoal from sustainable sources, such as coppiced trees in managed woodland and forests.


Pro Tips

Don't choke charcoal

Don’t put the nozzle of the Looft Lighter directly on to a big chunk of charcoal - airflow is important so try to find a spot where two pieces of charcoal meet and ignite that spot.

Start small and let it spread

Start by lighting smaller pieces, the glow will catch on quicker and spread to bigger pieces.

Use your ears

Best way to get your charcoal or logs going quickly is to continue pointing the Looft Lighter towards the same spot in your pile after ignition. Listen for the “swoosh” and you’ll know when you point the Looft Lighter in the right direction.

Boost from outside

You can easily increase the temperature in your grill or smoker by closing the lid, point the tip of the Looft Air Lighter to the vent hole and press the button. This will add a strong stream of air to your grill which’ll get the heat up quickly. Perfect when making pizza!


Clean and Care

Wipe off

From time to time we recommend you wipe off your Looft Air Lighter with a damp cloth. Do not use detergents.

Store inside

The Looft Air Lighter should be stored inside in a dry environment.

Pull Back a Bit

Remember to pull back the Looft Air Lighter from the charcoal or logs when sparks or glow appear. The heat shield is made of aluminum (to prevent severe burn damages and setting fire to nearby objects) and can melt if kept in the glow for too long. Also, if you pull away a few inches, the glow will spread even quicker.



Where to use your Looft Air Lighter

Kamado - These two were a hook up waiting to happen. As you can’t use lighter fluid in a Kamado, the Looft Lighter is its obvious match. 

Kettle - Too much flame or food tasting of lighter fluid? Skip the chemicals and get a steady smolder with the Looft Lighter.

Fireplace - Avoid the coughing fits at home by creating a draft faster. Looft Lighter gets your fireplace toasty and smoke-free in no time.

Smoker - It will fire up your smoker, whatever fuel you load up, be it charcoal or wood. And the Looft Lighter’s airflow means you can easily adjust the heat during cooking.

Pizza oven - If there is one thing better than pizza, it’s quick pizza. Fire up your pizza oven in 60 seconds and be the most popular person at the party.

Fire pit - Make fire the good ol’ fashioned way. Nah, just kiddin’ – Use the Looft Lighter and skip straight to the good stuff, like toasting marshmallows.