10 Best Christmas Gifts for Grillers

10 Best Christmas Gifts for Grillers

Sep 28, 2021Staffan Ulmert

10 Best Christmas Gifts for Grillers

Christmas is around the corner, and that means the weather is probably not the best for backyard grilling parties, at least for those of us living in northern latitudes. That, of course, doesn’t mean we can’t show some love to the brave men and women who flip steaks for us all year long.

The best way to do it? With the perfect gift for grill lovers in 2021! Let us share our favorite gift ideas for all master BBQ chefs, must-have tools and gadgets that make grilling easier and more fun! Let’s get started, shall we?


  1. The Looft Lighter
  2. Binchotan Charcoal Sticks
  3. BBQ Grill Oven Gloves
  4. Smokehouse Smoking BBQ Grill Set
  5. Grilling Accessory Kit
  6. Barbecue Rubs
  7. Bluetooth Smart Meat Thermometer
  8. Meat Branding Iron
  9. Meat Claws
  10. Grilling Books
  11. Summary

Unique Christmas Gifts for Grill Masters and BBQ Lovers

Here’s our selection of the best gifts for BBQ lovers. Unique gifts for grill masters that will elevate anyone’s grilling game.

Of course, we’re starting with the electric firestarter - The Looft Lighter! After all, starting a fire in 60 seconds with little effort is something every grilling enthusiast will appreciate! We’re also sharing some of our favorite gifts we’ve found on the web, all great ideas to show that special someone how much you appreciate their cooking! This is our top list of Christmas gifts for grillers. Why is grilling so much fun?!

1. The Looft Lighter

This is kind of obvious but what if you could light a grill in just sixty seconds with no fuel, paper, oil or any other grill lighter? That’s what the Looft Lighter does by combining an intensely hot resistance and a powerful air stream. Just point and shoot — you’ll get the perfect burning embers in no time. How’s that for a Christmas gift for grill masters?

The Looft Lighter is hands down amongst the best gifts for BBQ lovers and tops our list for unique gifts for grill masters. Gift a Looft Lighter and get one for yourself! You know you want one as well!



Did You Know?

  • Did you know the Looft Lighter is sold in over 30 countries? The super-heated airflow technology is life changing, and it has made grilling more manageable and fun for over fifteen years.
  • What started as a wild dream in Richard Looft’s head became one of the most exciting grilling appliances in the world.
  • Let’s say it out loud. Lighter fluid taints the meat and just ruins the grilling experience — why not use this extraordinary Scandinavian invention and make grilling more about the food and less about the hassle of lighting stubborn charcoal?

2. Binchotan Charcoal Sticks

Have you ever heard Santa will bring you a lump of charcoal instead of gifts if you’re a bad boy or girl? Well, in this case, it is true!

Binchotan is a unique charcoal from Japan, and it’s known for producing high, steady heat with little smoke. This is almost 100% carbon, so it’s as pure as coals get. Any grill lover will be swooned to have some binchotan to experiment with. And because the charcoal cooks food beautifully with almost no traces of smoke, you’ll enjoy the Japanese coal as well with the tasty meat coming out of the grill.

Did You Know?

  • Binchotan charcoal has been used in Japan for over 400 years, and since it’s high on carbon, it’s also used to purify water.
  • Binchotan is the most expensive charcoal globally, and it’s made artisanally in kilns by experts with decades of experience.
  • The famous yakitori skewers are grilled over binchotan charcoal. That’s why the chicken is crispy and juicy. There’s no way to imitate the style with other types of charcoal.
  • All Binchotan is made with Ubame Oak, old trees native to the hills in the Kishu province. The trees are as rare as the charcoal itself!

3. BBQ Grill Oven Gloves

Heat-resistant gloves might not be the fanciest of gifts, but they’ll surely be appreciated, especially by your grill-loving friends that are just getting started and don’t have gloves already.

These gloves are waterproof, fireproof and heat resistant, ideal for handling food when grilling and smoking. They’re easy to clean as well and quite comfortable! Never get burned again, not even by the steaming hot turkey coming out of the oven on Thanksgiving.

Keep in mind these come in various sizes and heat resistance, so choose wisely. Not all gloves are created equal.

What the Customers Are Saying, Pros and Cons.

“These gloves work very well to protect your hands and forearms from heat while allowing a good grip on both food and utensils. The rubber material is “sticky” (like silicone rubber), so you don’t have to worry about items slipping from your grip.”
“Inexpensive gloves that block the heat of chargrill, flat top and fryers. Have also used a very caustic carbon remover, and they held up great. I usually pay more for one single glove from a different supplier than this pair, and they look identical. Highly recommend it.”

    4. Smokehouse Smoking BBQ Grill Set

    If grilling is fun, wait until you start smoking stuff! And we’re sure your grilling friends will agree. Wood chips are unique gifts for grill masters, making cooking with smoke and fire much more exciting.

    This wood chip and barbecue sauce set is not to be missed. You get three varieties of 100% natural wood chips, a stainless-steel smoker box, a thermometer and tongs. You also get sample bottles for six different BBQ sauces and rubs, all representing a classic style, from St. Louis BBQ to Kansas City BBQ, all of the highest quality.

    Best Woodchips for Grilling.

    The most popular types of wood for smoking meat are:

    • Apple. Fruity scents and mild flavors ideal for pork and poultry.
    • Oak. Intense and smoky, perfect for beef, but can overwhelm pork and poultry.
    • Hickory. A fantastic wood for pork for its woodsy notes and subtle sweetness. 
    • Mesquite. Robust and resiny, this wood is nice for poultry, but it’s easy to overdo.
    • Cherry. Mild and fruit-forward, perfect for delicate meat like seafood and poultry.
    • Cedar. Very strong and intense. Best for beef or pork but might be too much for fish and poultry.

    5. Grilling Accessory Kit

    You need the right tools for the right job, and for grilling, that means tongs, brushes, forks, knives, skewers, gloves and many other nifty gadgets and appliances. That’s where a grilling accessory kit comes in.

    This 25-piece set comes with a fantastic storage bag with dual protection, so it’s easy to carry around to grilling parties and even camping sites. Everything is stainless-steel, by the way, so these tools will last for a long time.

    The best part? You’re giving 25 presents at once, and the tools are good enough both for expert grillers and those just getting started.

    The 5 Grilling Tools Every BBQ Lover Must Have.

    If you were to choose just five grilling tools to make your life easier at the grill, you’d definitely want:

    1. A Looft Lighter to light charcoal in less than a minute with no fuel whatsoever.
    1. Sturdy grill tongs, long and resistant enough to handle meat, sausages and poultry from a safe distance.
    1. Skewers to handle small food, seafood, diced veggies and mushrooms.
    1. A silicone brush to baste and glaze meat on the fly, giving the food new layers of flavor.
    1. A meat thermometer to make sure everything is cooked through and get perfect steaks every time.

    6. Barbecue Rubs

    There’s no doubt the quality of the meat matters most when it comes to flavor and texture, but a few good barbecue rubs can certainly help!

    Here’s a handy barbecue rub gift set with various salts and spice mixes, including Mexican, Memphis, Cajun, Southwest and Caribbean. All in small, gift-sized glass jars. Rubs are fantastic Christmas gifts for grillers and can elevate anyone’s grilling to new heights.

    By the way, these barbecue rub jars look gorgeous under the Christmas tree; the spices are just so colorful! And wait until you try them — you’ll love them!

    What the Customers are Saying, Pros and Cons.

    “…I bought them as a stocking stuffer, and they will help fill up the stocking nicely at a reasonable cost to the recipient, who is a man who loves to grill. The rubs come with a small red ribbon and are tastefully packaged. I’m proud to give this as a gift.”
    “They taste really good! Not SUPER spicy, but still pretty good. The bottles are small and cute, but they don’t say the flavors on the bottles, only on the sticker that seal the lid, so once you rip it off to open the bottle, you can’t really tell which flavor it is.”

      7. Bluetooth Smart Meat Thermometer

      A meat thermometer is a must for anyone looking for consistency. And yes, even the most experienced grill masters use them!

      Your grill-loving friends probably already have a meat thermometer, but we bet theirs don’t have Bluetooth capabilities and connect to their smartphones with an app! That’s game-changing right here. This digital thermometer comes with six stainless-steel probes and supports both iOS and Android.

      Your loved one will be able to monitor different types of meat at distinct temperatures from its phone and spend more time with its guests. For grilling, precision is everything!

      Here’s a quick meat temperature guide to write on your gift card:

      • Steak Rare 120 F - 125 F (48.9 C to 51.6 C)
      • Steak Medium-rare 130 F - 135 F (54.4 C to 57.2 C)
      • Steak Medium 140 F - 145 F (60 C to 62.8 C)
      • Steak Medium-well 150 F - 155 F (65.5 C to 68.3 C)
      • Steak Well done 160 F (71.1 C) and above.
      • Chicken 165 F - 175 F (73.9 C to 80 C)
      • Pork 145 F (62.8 C)
      • Fish and Shellfish 145 F (62.8 C)
      • Reheated Leftovers 165 F (73.9 C)

      8. Meat Branding Iron

      This one is just a smart and unique gift for grill masters, a customizable meat branding iron to sign your works of art like the artist you are.

      If you know someone who takes pride in their perfect steaks, give them the opportunity of branding them with their name! The branding iron comes with interchangeable letters that you can arrange to imprint any message on any type of meat. 55 letters and 8 spaces, to be precise.

      This is one fun gift to step out of the box and into the very essence of grilling — having a good time! Of course, this is no professional branding iron but an amusing gift, anyway.

      What the Customers Are Saying, Pros and Cons.

      “Cute idea for a gift. Kind of thin and cheap letters, but it works as it should.”
      “It was a gift; I’ve been over there while they have used it. It’s so fun.”
      “This was nice for a first-time custom branding iron. It functions as expected, but the letters came loose with no pouch or container- easy to lose. Also, the handle feels a bit Fisher price- but if you’re careful, it should hold up. If you’re a pit boss, you probably want to invest in something sturdier. If you’re just holding a backyard cookout and want to show off a bit, then this is for you.”

        9. Meat Claws

        Did you ever want to shred chicken, beef and pork with claws like Wolverine’s? Well, these meat claws are the closest to that.

        Meat claws are an easy way of dealing with robust cuts of meat that you’ve braised to fork-tender perfection. They’ll also work to pull apart a whole hog if that’s your thing.

        You’re grilling buddies will absolutely love a set of these claws and the best part? This is one of the less expensive Christmas gifts for grillers, but they have a great WOW factor. Buy these by the dozen and spread some BBQ love.

        Did You Know?

        • Cave Tools has sold over a million meat claws around the country, and they’ve designed the handy tools for lightning-fast shredding. They say you can shred an entire chunk of pork in three minutes comfortably
        By the way, these are heat resistant, so you need not worry about ruining them with the grill’s intense heat. And here’s a fun fact, we’ve consistently seen meat claws in barbecue competitions all around the country, meaning some of the most demanding grill masters have embraced the apparently straightforward invention. You’ll love using meat claws, and your grilling buddies will too!

          10. Grilling Books!

          Yes, grill masters can read, and there’s always something new and exciting to learn about the fine art of cooking with fire!

          Books are fantastic gifts — you’re gifting knowledge, and you can’t put a price on that. We live in a day and age where we find all we need to know on the web, but there’s nothing like opening a book about what we love.

          There are tons of titles dedicated to the craft and trust us; grilling books are ideal Christmas gifts for grillers. From butchering to smoking meat, there’s a book for everyone!

          Here are Some of Our Favorite Grilling Books.

          The Japanese Grill: From Classic Yakitori to Steak, Seafood and Vegetables.

          An in-depth look at Japanese grilling. Juicy skewers, insanely hot coals, and lots of tradition make this book a charmer. It’s like traveling without leaving your home.

          Rodney Scott’s World of BBQ: Every Day Is a Good Day: A Cookbook

          The master of whole hog barbecue shares all his secrets and tells a few stories along the way in this wonderful book and homage to southern grilling.

          Smoking Meat 101: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

          You’ve got to start somewhere, and this comprehensible beginner’s guide to smoking will answer all your questions. There are plenty of fantastic recipes in this one as well.

          It Is Not the Gift but the Thought That Counts?

          Although all the above are unique Christmas gifts for grill masters and BBQ lovers, the most important Christmas gifts for grillers are our support and encouragement. The cold months are tough for grill enthusiasts, but we can always look forward to warmer weather!

          Get unique gifts for grill masters and be part of the celebration. Yes, every time one lights up the grill is a party!

          On behalf of the Looft Team, we wish you lots of peace and joy for you and your family this Christmas season.


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